Hilary Williams

Digital Strategist / UX Designer

I simplify the experience people have with your product. Customers must feel comfortable using it. For them minimum thinking equals maximum satisfaction.


I work with people who build great products. I make sure those products work well for their customers.

Facilitating, evolving and presenting clarity between Stakeholders, Developers and the Creatives. 

It is possible to successfully marry policy and procedures with technical and creative development that then produces and ideal experience for your customer.



I’m all about the customer experience.

With 20+ years’ experience in Technology and Information Architecture.

Specialising in digital strategy in NZ, UK & USA.

Education   |   Corporate   |   Government 

I see gaps everywhere
Walking around like the finished article
Most people don’t know theres gaps
And gaps don’t know they are gaps.

The “gap” is usablility.

The missing link between a beautiful, great, functional, strong, big digital and hard copy builds, and how easily those deliverables are to use, for the people they are intened for.